Service Awards

Jim Trussas Award

Jim Trussas was a founding member of REAA and served as the founding REAA president.  He was a consummate professional and upheld the highest standards of the appraisal industry.  Along with Greg Harding and John Brenan, Trussas founded REAA in 2009.  Although he passed away before he could see the opening of more chapters, Trussas was instrumental in their development, namely the East Bay and North Bay chapters.  Each year, a current member of REAA is awarded the Jim Trussas Commemorative Plaque.  The awarded member is someone who has given back to the appraisal industry and has embodied the high standards and values REAA strives to uphold.

Trussas Award Recipients

2021 - B. Penny Woods
2020 - Joe Lynch
2019 - Andy Anderson
2018 - Denis DeSaix
2017 - Ryan Lundquist
2016 - Phyllis Hess
2015 - Don Machholz
2014 - Jim Bellavance
2013 - Vicki Keeler
2012 - Ken Hunsinger
2011 - Corina Rollins
2010 - Tinna Morlatt and Bill McKnight

Jim Bellavance Award

The Jim Bellavance Award is another award given out by REAA to appraisers who have volunteered their efforts to the appraisal profession. In the spirit of past REAA Sacramento member Jim Bellavance, this award recognizes those who have contributed to REAA and REAA membership.

Bellavance Award Recipiants

2022 - Brian Melsheimer
2021 - Bob Campbell
2020 - Mark Lindsay
2019 - Allen Kezer

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