Application Instructions

The new is a brand new website and system.  Your old username and password will not work on this new website.  When choosing a new username and password, you can re-use information from the old website.

When either wanting to Join REAA as a member or creating a Free Website Profile begin at
Begin by choosing one of the five different membership options:

The Membership Cost will be displayed and check the box "I'm not a robot"

Complete reCAPTCHA task (if displayed)

Click Next

Enter your last name or email address 

Complete the Contact Information, Communication Preferences, Professional Information, and Additional Information sections and click Next.  

Choose a new user name and password and click Next. (The system will let you know if the username has already been taken)
***NOTE - You are registering for the website for the first time.  Although this website does not know your username and password from the old website, you can re-use that information if you'd like.  

Choose the Chapter you'd like to be associated with and click Next.  All REAA members get member pricing at REAA Events, regardless of location.