Committees & Chairpersons

Check-In & Certifications

Members: Jennifer Muzzall, Glen Higdon

Corporate Relations

Member: Brenton Aichroth


Members: Brenton Aichroth, Neil Smith

Designation Committee 

Members: Brenton Aichroth Sandy Rounds


Members: Jennifer Muzzall, Glen Higdon, Brenton Aichroth


Members: Jennifer Muzzall, Jessica DiMaggio, Alicia Balestrini

Honorary Board Member

Ann O'Rourke


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Event Registration

If you'd like to attend an event but are not a member, click Create Account at the top of your screen and choose the Free Website Profile option to create a profile.  

Event Cancellation

Cancellations will be accepted by email to and must be dated and timed prior to the close of online registration.  Refund fees will apply and vary by event.  Refunds will be made to the original credit card used to register.

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